Color Management

Color Predictability and Consistency

We are very proud of our color here at Image Options and we realize how important color is to your print project. We understand how much effort was put into choosing the color palette of your print project and that effort is wasted if you can’t get the results you are looking for. Your color will be reproduced at the highest level of accuracy possible no matter what paper, material or substrate you choose.

Color Profile Policy

Image Options is focused on providing consistent and repeatable end to end color from design department, pre-press, to final output. In order to remain consistent Image Options performs daily calibration of equipment and profiles and maintains a strict policy of ICC color profile handling.

First and foremost, all files supplied to Image Options with embedded profiles will be honored. Those files that do not have profiles embedded will be assigned profiles based on how the files preview. Currently, by default, for RGB content we assign the sRGB profile, and for CMYK content we assign the SWOP profile.