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Recyclable Retail Graphics and Reporting

As a SGP certified wide format printer, Image Options is doing its part for the environment and is excited to be part of DuPont’s authorized printer network.

DuPont provides a LifeCycle Based Solution with Tyvek® media for wide format banners, displays and bags. Tyvek®, is known for its lightweight strength, outstanding printability and drapeability. It is a substrate that can be recycled into park benches, landscape materials, drainage pipes and much more.

“Being able to produce very attractive retail signage for our customers makes us happy, but what makes us even more happy is being able to offer our customers a closed loop recycling program,” said Tim Bennett, CEO of Image Options. “The graphics get produced on a recyclable material, the graphics are shipped with a recycling kit for the used graphics, the kit has prepaid postage to the recycling center and reports can be generated to show your recycling effort. You can now deliver results from your sustainability efforts with this simple process.”

Contact Us to find out more about our recyclable retail signage materials and recycle programs.

In addition to retail signage, shopping bags can be made from the Tyvek material.

The Waste Management recycle kit is a Tyvek® envelope that is 12” x 16” and expands to a 4” depth to hold over 250 square feet of Tyvek® material. It comes with prepaid postage too!

Before the Tyvek is recycled into another product, it is turned into tiny little pellets.

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Earth Day 2011

Image Options is thrilled to have become a leader in sustainability for large format printing. Becoming certified from the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) shows our commitment to operate a sustainable driven enterprise. We have been hard at work collaborating with leading manufactures to develop and source green product solutions. With our growing list of green print products, we can offer a sustainable solution for almost any application.

Here are 8 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day From Your Seat.

Ask us about our newest green product made straight from water bottles!

Contact Us to find out more about our green print solutions.

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Print is Sustainable

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Image Options is SGP Certified

Image Options is proud to annouce they have been awarded certification from the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership. This demonstrates how Image Options runs a sustainable driven enterprise.

To qualify for this certification meant that Image Options had to fully conform with the SGP certification program criteria. Image Options has met the basic requirements, along with specific requirements relating to the establishment of a sustainability team; the implementation of a management system; the use of SGP program metrics; taking specific steps to reduce the facility’s environmental footprint; implementing pollution prevention activities; and committing to fundamental social and ethical norms.

Image Options mission is to demonstrate by example the best business practices to achieve continuous improvement in all areas of environmental stewardship. Clear thought leadership, good judgment and concern for the health and safety of their employee’s and future generations is achievable with well-established goals and best practices. “Our goal is to not only offer green product solutions, but to educate our buyers through our valuable resources on our website and provide complete transparency to our supply chain resources,” said Tim Bennnett, CEO of Image Options. “By purposely researching the best technologies and eco-friendly products, we aim to minimize the graphic communications industry’s environmental impact to the planet.”

Make your next print project greener with these eco-friendly prodcuts.

To learn more how Image Options sustainable business can help benefit your next print project and the environment, please contact us.

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Green Print Product List

Image Options is pleased to announce that all their large format eco-friendly print products are up on their website . There is now all sorts of detailed information of these rigid and flexible print products including links to the manufacturers. Image Options goal is to help further educate buyers about these eco-friendly print products and offer a solution for every application.

View our green print products. To learn more please Contact Us.

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Green Product Solutions

In an effort to help preserve the environment, Image Options continually collaborates with leading manufacturers to develop and source green product solutions. Our SGP certification demonstrates our commitment to operate a sustainable driven enterprise offering products with the least impact to the environment.

The following list of green products is a work in progress with data taken directly from the manufacturer or distributor. Our goal is total transparency of information and sharing of knowledge with our clients. Image Options does not private label products and encourages clients to research manufacturers and suppliers.

Product Name Application Properties Max Size Thickness Disposal
Rigid Substrates

Enviroboard MR

indoor + outdoor

signage, POP, standees Blend of 10% PCW and FSC Certified fibers 48″ x 96″ 3mm, 3.5mm, 4.7mm 100% recyclable


indoor + outdoor

signage, POP, packaging Recycled PET 48″ x 96″ 20mil. -
100% recyclable



indoor signage Agricultural based biodegradable plastic (non-petroleum) 50″ x length .10″ to .024″ Landfill biodegradable or recyclable



current polyethylene uses Modified polyethylene with degradation polymer Contact Us .018″ Landfill biodegradable, compostable or recyclable



current polypropylene uses Modified polypropylene with degradation polymer Contact Us .018″ Landfill biodegradable, compostable or recyclable



current HIPS uses Modified high impact polystyrene (HIPS) with degradation polymer Contact Us .018″ Landfill biodegradable or compostable



POP displays, interior signage, exhibits, kiosks 100% Recycled Core 60″ x 120″ .25″, .5″, .75″, 1″, 1.5″, 2″ 100% recyclable



indoor signage, POP 100% Recycled brown fiber core, white clay surface/C2S 40″ x 60″ .50″/14-ply & .080″/25-ply Landfill biodegradable or compostable



signage, end caps, gondolas, free standing displays Waste wood fiber from managed forest products (no formaldehyde) 48″ x 96″ 1/8″ & 1/4″ Landfill biodegradable
Flexible + Banner Material



POP, window signage, front lit displays FSC Certified high strength opaque banner (C2S) 61″ x 375′ 10pt., 12pt., 14pt. 100% recyclable

greenlight plus

indoor + outdoor

transit, mall and kiosk shelters, backlit displays 10% PCW and FSC Certified fiber (C2S) 62″ x 1000′ 8pt. 100% recyclable

green op

indoor + outdoor

billboard posters A C2S wet strength outdoor poster paper 64″ x 3000′ 6.1pt. 100% recyclable


indoor + outdoor

wallcovering FSC certified media with 10% PCW. Class A fire rating 51″ x 1000′ 6pt. 100% recyclable

tyvek vivia

indoor + outdoor

indoor & outdoor signage soft texture that helps resist wrinkles and creases 116″ wide 19mil. Recyclable at centers handling HDPE

tyvek metallic

indoor + outdoor

indoor & outdoor signage Breathable and resists mildew 60″ wide 6.3mil. Recyclable at centers handling HDPE


indoor + outdoor

indoor & outdoor signage, event graphics PVC with microbial degradation polymer additive 16′ wide 16mil. Landfill biodegradable

abiotr banner


indoor signage, POP Modified polypropylene 60″ x 100′ 9mil. Landfill biodegradable



wallcovering PVC free, polyester/natural fiber with over 31% recycled materials 54″ wide 25mil. Recyclable

Act II

indoor + outdoor

POP, soft signage, tension fabric displays 100% post-consumer recycled polyester 120″ wide 17mil. Recyclable


indoor + outdoor

POP, hanging displays, wall art, trade show displays Natural jute material backed with natural latex 47.25″ wide .028″ Compostable or landfill biodegradable


indoor + outdoor

POP, hanging displays, retractable banner stands Natural cotton backed with natural latex 50″ wide .013″ Compostable or landfill biodegradable

Not all products are in stock. *Product needs to be custom ordered.

adidas Lights Up NYC

Image Options latest collaboration with adidas was for their flagship store in New York City. adidas needed a solution to display window graphics on the second story of their store that would make a significant impact at night.

The Challenge
To provide a light source to light up the graphics, provide fixtures to hang the banners and install these elements in a space that is only 18″ wide.

The Solution
Image Options chose to use 3M’s Flexible Light Mat because of its green, energy efficient LED light source, the bright LED light is distributed uniformly and it’s thin and lightweight characteristics make it easy to customize and install. These strips of LED light were applied to thin rigid panels that hung on a wall just behind the graphics. These large graphics were produced on a backlit material that hung from the ceiling.

The Result
adidas now has a very strong presence on their second story that not only looks good at night, but also during the day.

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