Why Responsible Printing Matters

Printing. What could be more basic? There’s a substrate, such as paper, cloth,plastics, vinyl, wood or even metals. There’s some ink, a coating, maybe adhesives or possibly sewing with zippers and aluminum frames. Although we tend to think of printing in terms of consumables there is much more to the story. Ordering printed materials sets in motion a process that has multiple upstream and downstream environmental impacts and this environmental footprint can be far-reaching and significant. Minimizing the environmental footprint of printing you order is a powerfuldemonstration of a company’s commitment to sustainability.Some graphics communications suppliers perform better than others but with thousands of suppliers to choose from, how can you be sure you are picking the right one – a company that shares your values on sustainability?

SGP Certified Facility

SGP Certification Makes It Simple

Choosing SGP – Certified Graphic Communications suppliers gives you third party verified assurance that your printed materials will be produced with the smallest possible environmental footprint.

Assuring Environmental Responsibility
In the Graphic Communications Supply Chain

Streamlining Procurement Cuts Costs

SGP streamlines the process of procuring “Green Printing.” Because SGP requires suppliers to meet stringent standards of environmental performance to earn certification, it eliminates the need for companies to develop proprietary “green” standards and checklists. In fact, preferring SGP – Certified Suppliers can reduce the costs associated with vendor qualification.

Demonstrating Supply Chain Leadership

Preferencing SGP – Certified Suppliers helps advance your company’s values accross the entire graphic communications supply chain.

As a condition of certification, SGP requires participating suppliers to perform at levels that meet or surpass local, state, and federal regulations; to continuously improve over time; to observe best industry practices; and to share these best practices throughout their own supply chains, raising the “sustainability bar” across the board.

In addition, adopting a formal purchase preference policy for SGP – Certified Suppliers is a public demonstration of your company’s ongoing commitment to increasing sustainability, one that will resonate with customers, shareholders, employees and stakeholders alike.