About Image Options

Founded in 1999, Image Options is a leader in the printing, surface imaging, display and visual communications industry. From initial conception to production, from design and fabrication to installation, Image Options delivers provocative and effective visual communication solutions for retail, tradeshows, events, corporate environments and more.

Image Options’ unique approach makes getting the results you need as simple as ROI: Review & Design, Optimize & Produce, Implement & Finish.

With unmatched passion and creativity, superior expertise, cutting-edge technology and a partnership approach that delivers exceptional customer care, Image Options offers innovative products and services that get noticed and get results in a hyper-competitive marketplace. Thanks to our expansive capabilities and an all-star team of nearly 200 of the best and brightest minds in the business, we successfully serve some of the largest and most-recognizable brands on the planet.

Responsible Present, Sustainable Future

Sometimes it’s what you don’t see or hear that makes the most impact. Take sustainable business practices. Cutting hazardous waste by half may not make much commotion but it certainly makes a big difference for the world we all live in.

At Image Options, reducing waste, material usage and our collective impact on the environment is a crucial part of our mission. And it’s one we live seriously every single day. As a major producer of sometimes resource-intensive products, we have a responsibility to ensure we’re leaving a positive legacy and doing all we can to lessen our footprint. Accomplishing that goal requires diligent attention, a forward-thinking attitude and, above all, action.

Our Team

Tim Bennett

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Chairman & Chief Client Advocate


Tim Bennett has spent a lifelong career in digital imaging and the related printing industry. Beginning in England, he earned a degree in printing while working for a leading national provider in the then-new era of digital imaging. This solid foundation lead Tim to Crosfield Electronics, the leading digital imaging technology innovator of the time as an applications instructor traveling to many countries in Europe, as well as Scandinavia and the United States. An opportunity to relocate to Orange County, California in 1981 to open a new technical center led to a deeper understanding of the paradigm shift in the printing industry that was about to occur. Armed with this foresight and complete dedication to the new technologies Tim worked with DuPont Imaging and Scitex before co-founding Image Options in 1999. With deep enthusiasm and an unwavering commitment to staying current, Image Options has seized opportunities to grow the company and build an impressive roster of clients, including Oakley, NBC, CBS Outdoor, Kawasaki, Asics, IKEA, and Walmart.


Dave Bales

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Chief Executive Officer


In 1984, Dave started his career as an apprentice at American Color while studying for and receiving a B.A. in Industrial Arts from San Diego State University. After holding multiple management positions at several locations with American Color, Dave became a co-founder of Pacific Color Connection in 1990. Pacific Color Connection was the first trade shop to have a 100% digital workflow from day one of operation. In 1996, Pacific Color’s success led to its acquisition by Vertis Communications. Dave served in many regional and national executive positions including vice president of operations, general manager and regional vice president of operations. Dave holds a Green Belt in Lean and Continuous Improvement and Six Sigma manufacturing techniques and has implemented these techniques across a wide range of print manufacturing practices. In 2011, Dave joined Image Options as Chief Operating Officer and Partner.


Barry Polan

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As President and Board member at Image Options, Barry strategically combines a knack for driving top-line revenue growth with bottom-line performance management, striking a perfect balance that promotes success. An experienced leader and seasoned strategist, Barry brings to the table a rich blend of business acumen and technological understanding, making him an asset in today's digital age. He's held key roles at several prestigious organizations, transforming business landscapes into dynamic spaces of growth and innovation. His extensive career journey, ranging from being the Executive Vice President at Material Bank to the Chief Revenue Officer at Archway Marketing Services, has been marked by a focus on increasing sales performance, driving large-scale industry adoption, and building high-performing teams. At Image Options, Barry's strategic leadership has fostered an environment of growth and innovation, maximizing the company's market position and profitability. His unique strategy of intertwining robust sales management with cutting-edge marketing and digital innovation has catalyzed transformative growth across sectors.  


Joseph Im

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Chief Financial Officer


Joseph Im is a Chief Financial Officer and member of the Board of Directors at Image Options. He joined Image Options in January 2016. Joseph Im graduated from Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea with his BA in Business Administration. Then, he received MBA degree from Oregon State University in 1989. He began his career in auditing at a commercial bank and transitioned to commercial lending where he underwrote loans for small business acquisitions, commercial real estates, and construction projects as well as business credit lines. Later he worked as an Investment Advisor Rep. and became an experienced financial professional with knowledge of financial market, stocks, bonds, options, and other securities as well as loan underwriting. Before joining Image Options, he worked as a controller at Amkotron, Inc., and served as VP & CFO of the technology start-up. At Image Options, he changed the business banking partner, which resulted in cost saving and improved terms. He also negotiated and arranged a mezzanine financing to acquire a company in San Jose, CA in 2017. After the acquisition, he has successfully managed integrating all accounting and financial activities of both companies.


Brian Hite

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Principal & Co-Founder


Brian Hite has spent 36 years in the exhibit, event and graphic production industries. While attending college for design and science, Brian began his career at a Southern California exhibit manufacturer specializing in electronics and emerging technology exhibitions. In 1983 he moved to a multinational exhibit company where he managed the production of many permanent museum exhibitions and tradeshow exhibits. In 1991, Brian joined the George P. Johnson Company, opening their California facility and managing the graphic design and production of their significant automotive exhibit business. A desire to build an organization dedicated to providing greater value and quality of service to clients created the opportunity to start a design and fabrication firm in 1998. Quickly growing with clients like IBM, Seibel Systems, Network Associates and Computer Associates required an expansion and evolution of the business model to include printing services in-house. In 1999, Brian co-founded Image Options with a culture built on providing exceptional quality, value and service to its clients. In addition to serving as Image Options' President, Brian participates as a thought-leader on many industry-focused trade panels and advises equipment manufacturers on new technology requirements.


Dave Brewer

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Chief Technology Officer


Dave has over 30 years of experience in the graphic communications industry. Currently he is the Chief Technology Officer at Image Options as well as Partner. Prior to joining Image Options in 2011, Dave held multiple operations and technology positions at Vertis Communications dating back to 1996. In 1990, Dave co-founded Pacific Color Connection with Dave Bales. Pacific Color Connection was sold to Vertis Communications in 1996. From 1985-1990, Dave was the corporate systems coordinator for American Color. Mr. Brewer attended the University of the Pacific where he was a scholar athlete graduating with a B.A.


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