Brands want holistic and integrated solutions to tell their stories and reach their target audiences through memorable customer experiences. Individually, Image Options grew to a leader in stunning transformative graphics and messaging, while Splash led the market in experiential designs and implementations for many Fortune 500 companies. More amazing was what we accomplished together. Collaborating on some of the largest, most complex events in the country, we received huge accolades from clients and peers alike.

The power of our two dynamic companies working together was irresistible. Now, with the acquisition of Splash, Image Options has become an experiential force, wielding trends and technologies, elevating brands with high-impact precision. We offer the same creative and strategic partnerships, but with an expanded ability to both design and implement enhanced engagement, activations and messaging opportunities. The lasting relationship we build with clients is the foundation of our success, working hand in hand to deliver brand experiences that surprise and delight. Whether you need creative conceptual strategy, intricate design concepts, or simply a production team to elevate and execute your vision, Image Options is the right partner.

Our Work

The Why

At Image Options we listen to our clients and keep our finger on the pulse of new technologies in order to build effective strategies that increase ROI. Changing markets and trends require we continually adapt, anticipating market direction. Social media integration and the move to more destination and experiential customer engagements influenced our decision to expand. We wanted to grow not just regionally, but add additional capabilities and expertise through acquisition. Image Options and Splash were already partners on several of the largest events in the country, providing creative services, project management, fabrication and graphic production. We were two companies that belonged together.

The How

We needed to look no further than our exemplary customer and partner. Splash fit the profile we were looking for: great people, thought leadership, and a future-focused management team engaged in experiential design, events, and installations. They were a company that could compliment and add to our partnership approach while contributing the needed experience to quickly support our growing environmental, event, and fabrication needs. It was as simple as, “We should really do something together.” “Yes, we should, that would be amazing.”

The Benefit To You

Together our clients will continue to experience the same great teams, people, process, outstanding strategy, creativity, design, and customer-focused support, but now with the full in-house production solutions that influenced them to become long term partners. The added benefits are many, including increased production capacity, and new capabilities like 16’ dye sublimation imaged fabrics or direct image infusion to metals. Image Options invites you to envision the possibilities—we can’t wait to deliver them.