Step Into Your Brand

More and more customers are looking for an in-store shopping experience. Due to this desire and the high retail-space vacancy rates, even e-commerce-only companies are looking for physical stores to increase customer traffic and brand awareness. Additionally, almost a third of businesses are looking to increase their brand recognition through pop-up and in-person experiences, so brands need to find a way to stand out, and experiential retail is an excellent way to do it.

The term “experiential retail” gets thrown around like many other terms, but what does it mean? Simply put, your physical store should create an immersive and shareable environment that prioritizes customer engagement. Your store should defy the customers’ expectations and stimulate their senses. They should feel like they have stepped into your brand identity. By making customers part of your brand and giving them a tactile and visually appealing environment they are driven to increase their spending and time and money within your store. Additionally, customers are driven to return to that experience.



We achieve that by starting with good design. A plan that creates a cohesive brand through signage, wall graphics, dimensional lettering, and custom art will make the individual pieces feel connected. Just hanging a logo or a sign on a wall won’t cut it any longer.

At Image Options, we design branded retail environments that take your customers’ engagement as a priority—building that engagement through visual displays that take your brand to the next level while keeping in mind your consumers’ needs. Often this is how quick and convenient it is to shop, which will be essential after the environment excitement fades with repeat visits. A customer’s return visit to your store will focus on the purchase more than the experience.

By working with a client to develop their custom retail environment we consider many aspects of the design from substrates and materials to environmental concerns and material costs. In the end, we will work with you to create a space that reflects your company’s look and your brand’s personality. We go beyond the traditional method of hanging your logo on a back wall and dropping a couple of banners from the ceiling, we add artistic wall graphics with dimensional aspects or interactive displays that showcase your brand’s identity as well as sell the latest products.


The clean, bold, and colorful design draws a customer towards the displays and visually connects on a deeper level.


When considering a Pop-Up we will incorporate every aspect of your brand and surprise everyone by thinking out of the box. Colorful, creative, and custom, just for you. Image Options will produce everything from printing to fabrication and installation, ensuring that your final fit and finish are bespoke. Metal, wood, plastics, sustainability, fabrics, and vinyl are all used to express who your organization is visually.

Contact us today to design and build your Environmental Retail space that will resonate with your customer base and go beyond, establishing your brand as something more than a product or store; Make it an experience.


Using unconventional ways to display shoes is one way to “think outside the box”. It is unusual and unexpected. It certainly draws you in as a customer.


This single short-term Pop-Up took over an old gas station and remodeled it to reflect a single promotional product as well as their brand. It went beyond a “store” and created an exclusive event that was attended by hundreds.