COVID-19 Message from our Founder

Covid – 19 Update from SVP of Sales and Marketing

October 1, 2020

With the Right Team, Anything’s Possible

A great deal has happened since March 26, 2020 when our founder and Chairman Tim Bennett updated our partners.

The face shields that we were producing then evolved to eye shields as well as other critical PPE and we continued on. At every turn and shift in external dynamics, the Image Options team was one step ahead. From daily morning update meetings to 3 times a week sales and marketing meetings, the team was sharing current events, customer feedback, and trends actively and with across the board high-level engagement. As a result of this, we were able to get ahead of what would normally be competition and shift to other critical and urgent market needs.

I’ve seen my share of different businesses and cultures. I have seen the full spectrum, good, not so great, and pretty good. However, what I have witnessed at Image Options, I have never seen before. This team is truly great! They rallied together like a professional sports team.

Read more of my personal account and learn how Image Options thrives through the dedication and innovation of every employee.





Covid-19 Message From Our Founder

March 26, 2020

Dear Partners,

As we continue to navigate COVID-19 together, we felt that it was critical to maintain an open line of communication. While watching the events very closely, IO has been vigilant in quickly responding and adapting in order to ensure our employee safety while balancing the importance of your critical projects.

We remain open performing essential services such as medical PPE, as well as fulfilling government contracted work. While strictly following the CDC guidelines, we have secured production areas only to critical personnel, allowing flexible work from home practices, as well as enhanced hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting regimens, we are confident that we will continue to deliver for you in our typical unparalleled way.
We also recognize the level of stress and impact that this global event is having on all of our partners and stakeholders. We pledge to you our commitment in helping you with work rescheduling, changes in planning and events and changes in budget as we all work through this period of time.

Accepting that the next couple of months will be challenging, we are also confident that by working closely together and supporting one another, we will all come out of this stronger than before.

Warm regards,

Tim Bennett



Critical Emergency Products Available from Image Options