Don’t Blow the Reveal


Privacy barriers are of great use for the promotion of your brand, so why not consider a custom graphic or message to convey your brand while under construction or remodel.

Public facing privacy barriers, either fences or temporary wooden structures, can look nice too by printing your corporate brand or message on adhesive vinyl or mesh materials.

These temporary safety barrier walls or fences are referred to as barricades. These barricades do not need to be unsightly or plain. We have solutions that allow you to print your message or show your colorful side with a graphic, no matter how large the project.

Barricades fall into several categories and uses. Some of these uses include; temporary walls, construction projects, retail barricades, event traffic flow, visual barriers, and window partitions. Some of the most common materials for these applications are perforated mesh materials and adhesive-backed vinyl.

Barricades are commonly used in preventing an unsightly view of construction or hiding your remodel from prying eyes. Creative use of the materials and systems can be used for more than blocking a view, they can direct traffic at your next event or build excitement around a new tenant or business.

Your next barricade could be a custom-printed mesh fence, a vinyl-wrapped structure, or window covers that have your graphic and message that makes it an informative statement.


Mesh materials are used for the barricade fences. The perforation of the mesh allows for airflow while restricting the visibility of what is beyond the barrier. I’m sure you have seen the green fence around a construction site. Now imagine it with your corporate announcement of a new building or a “coming soon. . .” message or just a colorful graphic to brighten someone’s day.



Construction sites aren’t the only application of mesh materials; they can also be used for events to direct traffic, restrict access, or create directional queues for attendees. This creates a cohesive environment for your event and ties the transition areas together.

Another material, Adhesive-backed vinyl, is available in both solids and meshes for a variety of applications. The solid materials are often used to cover or wrap a temporary structure like a tenant construction structure or a storefront barricade. The adhesive-backed mesh is used for window application, allowing for some visual transparency and light to show through but still creating privacy. Retail is the most common use and is a simple way to display your message or promotion while still preventing direct visual access while you are undergoing a remodel or construction.

Don’t miss a wasted opportunity for ad promotion, print any graphic design you choose, and any length you need. Our dual EFI Q5r print presses as well as our EFI 5000r for screen mesh, give us an edge when printing large jobs. With the speed, quality, and scale of these two printers we can make sure your next event or barrier project is completed quickly and accurately. Be creative and when you are ready, give us a call.