Image Options: Envision the Future

Image Options: Envision the Future

A Partnership in Synergy

When Image Options and Splash! began working together, outsourcing to each other for tradeshow exhibitions, corporate environments, and other graphic communication endeavors, the synergy between the two companies was clear. Brands were looking for integrated solutions to engage their customers and tell their story in more innovative ways. Together, Image Options and Splash had the dynamics in place to strategize, design, produce and install environments in touch with current trends and tap into the emotional center of the customer experience. Acquiring Splash! into Image Options was a natural and mutually beneficial next stage.

Building Together

Now, over a year after our two companies became the newly expanded Image Options, “Envision” has never been a more apt slogan. Our new capabilities give us a unique edge in the marketplace, built from years of experience in conception, printing, and production. But at the core of our synergy is the partnerships we build with our clients. We listen, work with, and innovate to meet the needs of our clients in new and exciting ways. One of the many examples is the software suites we have developed. Not only do we have software to visualize an environment so clients can see real…


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