Celebrating Our Team With Motivosity

At Image Options, we love to design corporate work environments that support company values and celebrate employees. But to succeed, we focus inward first, prioritizing a positive and recognition-based culture internally. One of the tools we use to support and engage our employees is Motivosity, who recently featured us for our success with their program.

Motivosity is a platform that was developed to make employees feel more recognized and connected to their coworkers, as well as strengthen relationships with management. CEO Dave Bales noted after using Motivosity, “We saw a tremendous increase in peer-to-peer appreciation, resulting in being more appreciative as a group in general.” While recognizing our employees has always been an important part of Image Options, the platform allowed for a much more fluid, immediate, and participation-based experience than employee shout outs at team meetings.

Through the use of an interactive company portal, peer-to-peer interaction is encouraged. Employees can get to know each other better through an internal social media like experience. “Motivosity can be used for so much more than appreciations. The social aspect of Motivosity allows employees to know more about what’s going on in our company on a daily basis,” Dave explained. When Image Options acquired spash!events, the platform played an important role in building a blended company culture, familiarizing teams, and enabling a greater personal connection between new colleagues and departments.

As Image Options continues to innovate and build environments that engage both employees and customers, we look forward to continually strengthening our own company culture. Our teams are ready to help strategize, design and deliver incredible and interactive experiences. We can’t wait to build engagement opportunities for your company.