3D Billboard Success


BREAKING NEWS:  Image Options was featured for this installation, read about it in Big Picture Magazine.

Image Options has been a partner with Hulu since 2015 when we first started producing their Out-Of-Home campaigns. From billboards to bus wraps, and everything in between, we have enjoyed working with the Hulu team. 

So when Hulu came to Image Options with a request to promote their award-winning show, Dopesick, with a three-dimensional look added to a standard billboard, we knew it was a bit of a challenge.

The idea was to break the dimensions of the printed graphic by having 3D pills fall in front of a standard billboard. Not just a couple of 3D pills, but nine of various sizes, needed to be made and then mounted at different angles on the billboard. That was the best way to achieve the cascade of pills falling over the graphic.

Image Options worked with the creative and media teams at Hulu to create a 3D billboard for one of their prime Los Angeles locations. 

The process involved a collaborative effort from our engineering team to replicate the pills in CAD for output. Then Image Options Fabrication team took the CAD models of the oxycodone pills and sent the file, in multiple slices, or layers, to the CNC machine for milling in foam substrate. Custom mounting brackets were embedded while the layers were glued together so they could be attached during installation.

The graphics palette for Dopesick required Image Options to test paint colors to ensure the pills matched the creative intent. Applying several coats of paint ensured the right look while weatherproofing the foam pills.

The detail of the pill’s “10” and “OC” stamps, distinct design elements, had to be created to match the original oxycodone pills. No detail was overlooked in creating the oversized 10 mg pills.

The printed files for the standard billboard were output with the addition of small marks on the print to denote the placement of a 3D pill mounting point. This was done to ensure precise placement and assist the professional installation crew.

In the end, Hulu was very pleased with how well we were able to take their creative vision and make it a reality.