ABC News features Image Options COVID-19 PPE

Image Options is so proud of our team’s effort to support healthcare and retail workers on the front lines. As a company of entrepreneurs and innovators we knew we wanted to pivot and give back to the community as best we could. In a matter of days, we transformed our fabrication centers to start producing face shields, and we have been continually adding new personal protective equipment (PPE) since then.

(watch ABC’s coverage of Image Options)

When the stay-at-home order first hit, Image Options briefly closed production. Several of our employees quickly realized the need in the community as they heard stories of PPE shortages from friends and family in the healthcare industry. IO opened back up after less than week and immediately started developing COVID-19 PPE solutions.

“I’ve got friends whose daughters are nurses and they can’t get the equipment they need,” said Ron Jennings, Image Options vice president of fabrication. “Knowing that these are going out in the medical community, protecting our frontline workers, it’s a great feeling.”

What started as face shields and masks developed into the additional production of pop-shelters, in-take stations, emergency beds, and now checkout shields that protect grocery, retail, and restaurant workers. So far we have delivered over 2 million face shields and counting.

“We’re doing stuff to help people and that gives us that sense of we’re fighting back,” said David Payne, IO president. “We’re battling this thing. We’re not just ducking and covering.”

Image Options is continually listening to feedback about what is needed, and how we can adapt to meet it. Visit our COVID-19 page to see the current products we are producing, and please connect with us if you have a specific need for COVID-19 PPE in the fight against this pandemic. We are all stronger when we work together and support each other with innovative spirit.