Printing Impressions interviews IO for COVID-19 efforts

Watch our chairman Tim Bennett talk about the restructuring and innovation behind the millions of much needed COVID-19 protection products Image Options has produced.

(Source: Printing Impressions feature of IO)

We are continually proud of our team at Image Options for pivoting so quickly to meet the needs of first responders and healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our full staff is back at work, and we’ve even been able to hire some temporary workers to help meet demand. Where we started at a production rate of 5000 face shields per day, Image Options is now producing 50,000 per day between our two facilities. To date, in just a few short weeks, we have shipped just over half a million units.

Tim reflected, “Having a team with a built-in knowledge base allows you to innovate really quickly and put those skill sets together to think outside of the box.” In addition to the face shields, IO is producing retail checkout shields, pop-up shelters, and even emergency beds and dividers.

IO has also built an online ecommerce solution for quick ordering of face shields. This allows people to go on and order as little as 10 at a time, which opens up availability to a lot more people. We are grateful our facilities and expertise allow us to contribute to the fight against this pandemic. Please reach out to us if you have a specific need you think we can help with.

Visit our COVID-19 page for updates and information on how to order.