What does that mean for you?

Official certification from the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership means Image Options meets high standards of sustainable performance facility-wide and verifies that performance through impartial third-party audits.

Because its industry-specific criteria and indicators address important environmental factors such as waste, recycling, energy, water, emissions, material procurement and more, SGP certification provides a level of assurance that cannot be obtained by reliance on single-attribute certifications—such as paper or energy source accreditation.

When you partner with Image Options, you’re teaming up with a graphics communication company that’s proven to meet stringent standards of environmental performance. When you need “green printing” resources, our official SGP certification means Image Options delivers with complete peace of mind.

As conditions of certification, SGP requires Image Options to:

  • Meet or surpass local, state and federal regulations
  • Commit to continuous improvement practices
  • Observe best industry practices
  • Share best practices throughout or own supply chain
  • Raise the “sustainability bar” across the board

Minimizing the environmental footprint of printing your materials is a powerful demonstration of Image Options’ commitment to sustainability. Thanks to our certification from the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership, you can be sure you’re working with a company that shares your values on sustainability.

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