SplashView: Envision Technology

Image Options is all about transformations. Not only do we transform environments and events into unforgettable experiences, but we’ve reinvented the process of designing and developing those initial ideas. To make sure designers, fabricators and clients stay on the same page, we created SplashView, an augmented reality software that provides interactive 360º design rendering of environments. This accelerates both the budgeting and design processes, while setting realistic expectations through visualization.

Envision with SplashView

SplashView is an incredibly powerful tool that allows a more in-depth exploration of unique and custom-tailored possibilities without any risk. After photographing the installation location, we can create a 360-degree virtual walkthrough, where we digitally install graphics and 3D elements that demonstrate what the competed project will look like. We listen to our client’s vision and explore trend-setting techniques and technologies in a tangible way that ensures a harmonious pre-production process.

“Much like Street View on Google Earth, you can actually look around and view a venue for an event or for an environment,” explains David Payne, president of Splash!events, “not only can this reduce initial costs, but it saves a lot of time in the development stage.” Whether you want to look at art installations, vinyl and dry erase wall coverings, furniture, or just try out color pallets to see how they complement the space, we can walk you through a comprehensive and visual representation to help you make the best choices.

Organize with SplashWorks

In addition to SplashView, we also developed a production management system called SplashWorks. Working with many Fortune 500 companies, we design multilevel environments that have dozens of different installation elements. SplashWorks keeps track of all the logistics from ideation, layouts, layout approvals, print-ready files, production review and tracking, packaging and shipping, and onsite delivery and installation management. We want to make sure your experience with Image Options is as easy as dreaming up an idea and watching it seamlessly come to fruition.

Deliver with Image Options

At Image Options, we listen to our clients to provide visual design and messaging solutions, establishing long-term and mutually productive partnerships. While our innovative approach often puts us on the leading edge of the marketplace, our goal is simply to deliver comprehensive concept-to-installation environments, executed in the most creative and efficient manner. Connect with us today to learn more about how we can use our technology to provide your brand with transformative visual experiences.