Tradeshows and Events are Back!

Tradeshows and Events are Back!

Tradeshows and events are coming back, and they are coming up quickly. Although the overall attendance is still down from pre-covid numbers, the opening up of in-person conventions is now on the rise.

The last significant downturn in tradeshows and attendance occurred in 2008 with the economic collapse. It took three years to get back to pre-collapse levels. Since this downturn isn’t financially based, analysts predict a much quicker return to normal attendance levels.

Current data agree with analysts that growth and attendance are rising exponentially, and online events haven’t produced the same revenue as live events. Everything looks like we are getting ready for an explosion of shows and their attendance.

Staff returning to their offices has many companies prepping for a return to business, including corporate events. The arts, industrial, societies, and business groups are all preparing for the return of annual and special events.  The start-up of these tradeshows and events leaves many companies scrambling to put together an exhibit booth in record time.

At Image Options, we have redundancy in print, fabrication, CNC, and finishing equipment to get your exhibit completed on time. Our purchasing department has worked hard to line up vendors to acquire any of the needed…


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