Being Green at Trade shows: Consider Renting a Booth

Companies have been “going green” for some time now, but today tradeshows and exhibits are looking to be more earth-friendly. Many shows have new Green Guidelines or Exhibitor Sustainability Requirements. Approaching this new guideline can leave some companies struggling to comply easily. While green is great for the earth it can leave you wondering how good it is for your budget. Image Options is here to help you with a lot of alternative materials available that are sustainable and recyclable for your booth. Along with booth material alternatives, there are some areas to consider: Energy conservation, waste reduction, environmental compliance, and shipping practices.

Image Options has taken this responsibility to protect the environment to heart. We even made it one of our five core values. We show our commitment by being certified as a Sustainable Green Printing Partnership facility. SGP certification means that our facility meets the standards for sustainability and responsibility. The third-party validation looks at the entire supply chain for our business to confirm our compliance and avoid “greenwashing” or the false perception of being eco-friendly for deceptive green marketing through “purchasing” a certification. Part of our SGP certification means that we seek out and offer sustainable materials from suppliers that meet the standards. We have found some exciting substrates that are genuinely sustainable.





Designing a booth that can be sustainable is easier than ever. Image Options offers beMatrix rental booth structures that are entirely customizable along with printed substrates on reusable or recyclable materials: rigid boards and even front-lit or back-lit fabrics. beMatrix framing is a great green choice to save in waste reduction due to its re-usability and its lightweight compact frame structure allows it to be shipped efficiently.

Adding a recyclable or reusable material for your printed message gives the booth a truly sustainable exhibit. Printed polyester fabric materials are thought of as recyclable but are made from plastics and, once discarded, end up in landfills. These polyester fabrics take 50-60 years to break down, and the silicon edge never degrades, but there is a new fabric and “silicon” edge (or Keder edging as it’s called) that is 100% recyclable and it is available at Image Options. These newer materials completely break down in a landfill in 4-5 years.

Combining the use of rental frames and recyclable materials, you can build a beautiful exhibit and confidently protect the environment. Image Options has your green interest in mind. Contact us to build your next event booth and go green.