File Preparation Tips & File Transfer Instructions Page

File Preparation Tips

Minimum Resolutions

We advise that all files be above a certain DPI (dots per inch) for large format printing. In order to produce prints with an optimal amount of quality and sharpness, we recommend these minimum resolutions at final print size:

Photographic Prints 100 DPI
Rigid Prints 72 DPI
Flexible Banner Prints 60 DPI

Color Space

We accept both CMYK and RGB color spaces. The best color space that can be provided to us is the original color space that image was created in. Simply put: make sure all profiles are embedded for best results.

  • Please provide us with any PMS callouts or
    match prints to achieve the proper color.
  • If you are sending Photoshop files, please supply
    them as layered files when possible.
  • Please provide your Salesperson with the correct
    file names and sizes to avoid any confusion.

File Transfer Instructions

  1. Click this link:

  2. Type in your username and password:
    Username: IOFTP Password: ioftp
    (username and password are case sensitive)

  3. Click the Browse button.

  4. To upload, click the Upload button.

    Please be patient. There is no progress bar, but you
    will receive notification that we received your file.