Bright Solutions for Sustainability

Bright Solutions for Sustainability

Image Options initiative to become more sustainable and greener is part of our continuing commitment to reducing our environmental impact. Our commitment since 2011 to Sustainable Green Printing Partnership Certification goes together with the installation of our solar panels.

SGP certification is applied to all aspects of our business, from contractors to waste reduction. A facility must strictly adhere to the SGP standards without exception. Although solar is not part of the required SGP standards, it is a sustainable goal in line with that commitment.
The new solar panels will help Image Options and the environment by moving an estimated 584,000 kWh of our annual energy consumption to a renewable energy source. This solar energy reduces our greenhouse gas emissions by 112 metric tons of carbon dioxide over the first year.

The solar panels on its main facility roof should produce a total of 367 kilowatts/hour; this allows Image Options to offset our power consumption and reduce our carbon footprint.

We began the installation process with PowerFlex in September of 2021. The five months of inspections and installations ended with our permission to operate in January 2022.

The solar company, PowerFlex, was chosen for the project. They have been installing commercially for…


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