Cisco Live – Growing Together

Partnerships are the foundation of our success. Our partnership with Cisco Live began in 2007, with the event Networkers at Cisco Live. That event in 2007 had 4,500 attendees. Thirteen years later, we are still helping create memorable experiential events for the latest Cisco Live event, now with over 28,000 people attending last year’s event. But no matter the size, the goal to create unique experiences through branding, that surprise and delight guests, has remained.


One of the challenges that came with such exponential growth over the years was becoming too large to fit in the San Diego Convention Center. A few years ago, they expanded outside the convention center, building a large outdoor lawn area between hotels to expand their footprint. This gave us even more unique space to work with, taking advantage of the new outdoor areas. “We work with a theme and some digital assets that are provided to us. But we translate those into an experience,” explains Toni Fischer, one of our Senior Account Executives, and VP of Client Services. One of the large structures we built was the Cisco Live logo, 20 feet in the air, that would capture the sunlight as it set throughout the evening, spilling the logos colors onto the attendees below. Another way we visually enhanced their brand presence was taking the wind-spinners Cisco utilizes, transforming them into metallic versions that stood 8-feet tall, creating a glow as they spun. These environmentally transformative visual details elevate brand perception and leave positive lasting impressions–as well as anticipation for the next event.

In-House Difference

Because of the size and scale of the Cisco Live shows, the benefit of the partnership of Splash with Image Options was especially evident. The Image Options graphic management system is able to keep track of all the thousands of graphics, showing when each one has been delivered in real time. With just a click any particular piece can be sent to our in-house production team to get reproduced and delivered on site as quickly as even same-day. The in-house printing capabilities also mean that when a new idea pops up, or a logistical change leaves a branding opportunity, we can pivot and create the graphics as needed. The combination of graphic, printing, and logistical abilities for a show this size is a huge benefit, and what sets us apart from most other graphics companies. You need a newly printed logo carpet installed overnight? We can make it happen.

Looking Ahead

It’s been such a fulfilling experience working and growing together with Cisco Live. From unique installations to mirrored graphics, we have had the privilege of helping create memorable events that leave lasting impressions with those who attend. We look forward to continuing to deliver new and innovative experiential environments that help immerse attendees into the Cisco brand. Learn more about Image Options’ experiential events and Connect with us today to see where we can take your brand together!