OC Business Journal Features IO’s COVID-19 Story

Image Options was featured this week in the Orange County Business Journal. The article spotlights the personal protection equipment (PPE) we are producing, and also looks at how IO is navigating the complexities facing businesses during COVID-19 while still planning ahead during these uncertain times.

When Image Options reopened our facilities to start producing face masks just a few short days after closing due to the coronavirus, we had no idea the scope or longevity that would be required. There was a severe need for personal protection equipment (PPE) by the healthcare community, and IO knew we had the capabilities to answer that call for supplies.

“It’s a huge changeover, but because we focus so much on custom work, it was just like switching over to another custom project, only it’s kept going,” said IO Chairman Tim Bennett in the interview.

While IO was ramping production to 70,000 face shields daily, we were also navigating applications to the government Paycheck Protection Program which were constantly shifting, in order to protect our work force from the extremely volatile market. Looking ahead, it’s clear that we won’t be able to flip a switch and go back to normal. Much of our business was rooted in trade shows and events, which are at a standstill due to the pandemic.

“The graphic design side, which is the buildings and corporate lobbies, are still being built and have to be finished so that keeps our fabrication and other production going. We don’t know about the event or retail side of our business, they’re going through a massive paradigm shift in the marketplace,” Tim said. “We are trying to adjust as well by creating different business channels.”

Even as states begin to loosen restrictions on stay-at-home orders, Image Options foresees an ongoing need for face shields, retail and grocery checkout shields, and additional COVID-19 PPE products throughout the rest of 2020, and potentially beyond. We are restructuring to be able to continue to meet those needs on an ongoing basis into the future, alongside our traditional graphic and fabrication offerings.

Please let us know if we can help meet a need for COVID-19 PPE in your area. Visit our COVID-19 page for the products we are producing and how to order.

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